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17th August 2014

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Pay Attention to Ferguson →


Please pay attention to what is happening in Ferguson right now.

The people of Ferguson are staging a peaceful protest regarding the unlawful, tragic murder of Mike Brown, and the police are responding withrubber bullets (one man has been injured so far) and tear gascalling the protesters “fucking animals.”

The police are wearing full military gear. They are responding with absolute violence.

The police are trying to cover up their vicious, unconstitutional actions,telling the news crews/journalists to leave the scene of the protests so they can “clean up.” They’ve completely sealed off Ferguson. THEY’VE TRAPPED THE PROTESTERS (and regular people who would like to go home) INSIDE AND ARE TRYING TO FORCE THE MEDIA OUT. They areharming and threatening to arrest journalists who do not comply.

The Ferguson PD have created an illegal police state. This is, by all means, unconstitutional. BUT IT IS NOT A NEW OCCURRENCE. If you are shocked by this display of police brutality, then you must have missed the last 50 years of anti-black history. And the saddest part? This is not the worst case of it by any means. I beg you, please, pay attention to what is happening and commit it to memory.

Here is a petition to change the current laws and stop the police from abusing their power. I urge you to sign it. And I urge to you share your outrage over what is happening. Tell your legislators, your communities, your social media cohorts. SHARE IT BEFORE THE POLICE AND MEDIA COVER IT UP.

The officer who murdered Mike Brown, the disgusting pig who shot this boy 9 times, is on PAID LEAVE right now. THAT SHOULDN’T EVEN BE AN OPTION. 

The peaceful protesters of Ferguson are being gassed and shot at for seeking justice. PLEASE DON’T IGNORE THEIR STRUGGLE. 


(Most links are tweets, as twitter was the fastest and most up-to-date source for information re: Ferguson.)

Here’s a link to an LA Times article, summarizing the events of the evening protest.

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16th August 2014

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My lil helper #kitten #baby #art

My lil helper #kitten #baby #art

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16th August 2014

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I’ve mastered the skill of feeling guilty for asking for anything

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16th August 2014

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16th August 2014

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yeah baby i am an ANIMAL in bed. more specifically a koala. i can sleep for 22 hours a day

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16th August 2014

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One year, I taught this (Sociological theory) class and only used female writers. The journals were written by women, the textbook was written by females. Do you know what kind of responses I got on my student evaluations that year? {…} That I was biased, that I was only looking from one point of view… that I was basically a man eater. That’s the kind of things I’d get from the students… The semester before, I used only male writers. Do you think I got any kind of feedback like that then?

"Not a single word."

Dr Rebecca Erikson, my professor, in her introduction of epistemology and challenging the main narrative

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I like this quote because it underscores not only how important it is to create a counternarrative to the dominant ones, but how much opposition, backlash and pushback there is to even the simplest challenges to the status quo.

My position? That just means we need to push even harder.

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16th August 2014

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no image has ever described my life quite so well


no image has ever described my life quite so well

16th August 2014

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9th August 2014

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Well I did 6th grade wrong


Well I did 6th grade wrong

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8th August 2014

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"People are more used to seeing men who are masters at an instrument than women. When people say, ‘Oh, she plays like a dude,’ it’s usually dudes who are the ones saying it. They’re saying, ‘Oh, she’s as good as us.’ Of course, that’s a stupid statement. It’s totally stereotypical to say, ‘We have an advantage on this, and if anyone else can do it well, it’s only because they’re like us.’ I think more men are starting to learn that this attitude is totally hollow and based in imagination. As more women are involved in music, this kind of thing gets said less and less."

Esperanza Spalding | singer, jazz bassist, and composer

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